Download Clirr

The latest release of Clirr is available from the Sourceforge download page.

Compile Clirr yourself

To compile Clirr yourself you need to have the following tools installed on your machine and available in the command line search path:

  • Maven 1.0.2. Maven 1.1 might also work but is currently untested. Maven2 will not work.
  • A CVS client. If you are on Linux you probably already have that. If you are on Windows, you can use the binary that is included in the WinCVS distribution. For other platforms, please search Google for a precompiled client or build one yourself using the sources available from the CVS homepage.

To build Clirr, open a command line shell, cd to an empty directory and enter the following commands (when prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key):

cvs -d login
cvs -z3 -d checkout clirr
cd clirr
maven -Dgoal=jar:install multiproject:goal

Note that the anonymous CVS server on Sourceforge is under heavy load, and you might experience difficulties when checking out the sources. This is temporary, please try again a few minutes later. Sourceforge is currently in the process of installing more capable hardware.